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Drive Results, Build Your Brand, & Reach New People

Expanding your online presence can be a challenge when businesses around the world are all working to do the same thing. While there are trillions of distractions online, one of the most forceful ways you can break through the noise is to run advertisements on Facebook. As the most popular social network worldwide, Facebook is a natural place to start building your brand and finding potential customers. With four different ways to target audiences and a platform made to showcase the most aesthetic parts of your brand, Facebook advertising is an invaluable tool that, when used correctly with effective strategies, can be the spark you need to turn your marketing ember into a wildfire. 

You may be wondering if Facebook ads would be a good investment to make for your business, and as an agency that has worked with hundreds of companies to help them be successful with Facebook advertising, we want to help you make that decision. There are several factors that contribute to successful advertising on Facebook, and when you consider each individually it might sway your choice in the end. However, due to the far-reaching nature of Facebook’s platform, no amount of time or money spent advertising on the platform is ever really wasted.

What Is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook marketing is currently the most effective way to advertise to the platform’s three billion users all over the world. Through Facebook’s advertising management system, you have control over who your ads are shown to and where in the world they are presented to potential customers. Facebook ads look native to users’ feeds and are very similar to Facebook posts, making them ideal for reaching potential customers while they are actively looking for engaging content. 

When it comes to advertising on Facebook, the possible creativity is endless. You can run video ads, still image ads, and carousel or catalog ads (3 or more scrollable images). You can send potential customers to any page on your website or to a specific landing page that you’ve created. Users are tracked through the Facebook pixel installed on your site (if they opt into Facebook tracking) and you can later use the data collected to create more effective audiences. Besides having a wide base of users to target through interests and demographics, Facebook’s audience construction tools and resources can help you optimize your current business data to drive sales and grow your business. 

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Why Facebook Ads?

Facebook advertising has proven to be extremely powerful for businesses of every size around the globe. By utilizing all the options you have to be original with Facebook ads, you can raise brand awareness, increase your website traffic, and, ultimately, drive sales and/or collect leads. If you run an e-commerce business, Facebook ads will work particularly well for you, but Facebook’s wide range of targeting options makes it easy for businesses that provide services and need leads to succeed in advertising on the platform as well.

Advertising on Facebook is an excellent option for your business if you have been working on expanding your online presence and want to broaden your reach even further. If you’re in a growth mindset and are looking to build your audience and customer base, reach new people, and drive results, advertising on Facebook will help you meet your goals. Additionally, if you have already been taking advantage of what Facebook has to offer your business for free, Facebook ads may be a natural next step to take to stimulate business growth.

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What Set Fire Creative has to offer

Beginning your advertising journey on Facebook can be stressful when you don’t know where to start. Writing ad copy, creating and choosing photos and videos to use, and deciding who to target can be daunting decisions. At Set Fire Creative, we want to set your business up for Facebook marketing success. You provide the best photos and videos you have, and we provide the ad copy and help you decide who to target. We’ll bring our expertise to the table and work with you to optimize your budget and find the best strategy possible so you can get the return you are looking for.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you and start building your online presence as soon as possible. Contact us today for a free consultation to see if advertising on Facebook is the right choice for your business and if we can help you benefit from using the platform. Our job is to help you put your business’s best food forward online, and when you reach out, we’ll help you do just that.

Turn Your Facebook Marketing Ember Into A Wildfire

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