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Social media is a big deal. Activity on social and messaging platforms accounts for roughly one-third of all time spent online, and there are over 3 billion social media users worldwide. In many ways, social media channels have replaced the television audiences of yore, and marketers ignore them at their own peril.

With so many people spending so much time on social, it’s no wonder that brands are maximizing their reach with these platforms. With social media, you can get your message in front of millions under the right conditions. It’s a veritable launchpad for marketing initiatives, and it can send both brand awareness and brand loyalty into the stratosphere.

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What is organic social media marketing?

When you want to see something on social media, there are two ways to make it happen. Either you subscribe to it so it comes up in your feed, or you search for it, and it comes up in the results. As a business, you want your social media to accomplish at least two things: a) provide an experience your audience will want to see in their feed, and b) make it easy for your business to be found in search results.

Organic social targets both of these success factors and, if done well, it can make you a big hit with audiences both familiar and unfamiliar with your brand.

Why organic social media?

What makes social media so powerful is the way it enables businesses to connect with audiences outside of traditional advertising. By posting content, interacting with users, and sharing third-party posts their audience will find valuable, businesses can build relationships with current and potential customers that are almost impossible in any other setting or circumstance.

The beauty of organic marketing is that it’s essentially the opposite of an ad. Rather than forcing its way into the attention of potential buyers in a bid to provoke converting conversion-based activities, users come looking for you, and they find you waiting with something of value for them. It’s a win-win: the user finds what they want, and you’ve created a positive touchpoint that moves them further down the sales funnel.

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What Set Fire has to offer

There’s just one problem with this miracle solution: the planning and implementation of a successful organic social media strategy takes time, effort, and several specialized skill sets.

Managing a brand’s social presence, even on a single platform, can be overwhelming, especially when that’s not the only responsibility in your job description. And optimizing for a prominent search result placement takes a great deal of technical know-how.

This is where we come in—fanning the flames with a leaf blower.

Here at Set Fire Creative, we leverage our team of experts to maximize the effectiveness of your team of experts. Starting with your brand’s unique needs and requirements, we build a custom organic strategy—what channels to post on, when and how often to post, what to post, etc. Then we execute that strategy with the gusto of a pie-eating champion. Together, we build successful social media marketing initiatives with measurable results.

The “Google” of social media networks, Facebook is a juggernaut. Home to over 2 billion Monthly Active Users (MAU), it offers the most versatile social media experience, allowing users to post nearly any form of media, share any form of content, and engage with each other (and brands) in a plethora of ways. No organic social strategy is complete without Facebook.

Home to 95 million new posts per day, Instagram is fertile soil for people who want a visual record of their lives. It offers a compelling way to share photos and videos, so for those people (and businesses) that want to show their audience what their lives look like, it’s a definite must.

The OG nexus for sharing video content, if a video isn’t on Youtube, it pretty much doesn’t exist. Youtube is the second most trafficked website on the internet, right behind Google (their owner). It’s the easiest way to share, host, embed, and utilize video content on the internet, so if that’s something you plan on doing, the ‘tube is not something you can do without.

Often referred to as “Facebook for business professionals,” LinkedIn is a way to keep in touch with business contacts, and to build a professional network. This digital Rolodex allows for connecting to the over 500 million MAU, and is a powerful tool for people looking to find a job, change jobs, or just generally get ahead in their careers.

What might be considered the “gossip vine” of the internet, Twitter is word-of-mouth gone digital. Users send 500 million tweets per day, sharing their thoughts, their pictures, their videos, and anything else they found around the internet worth mentioning. For those wanting to be “real time” with their audience, Twitter is the best you’re going to get.

Pinterest, a site dedicated to aggregating and sharing links to relevant external content, is worth more than just a glance. It reaches a whopping 83% of women in the U.S., and while the number of male users is growing, it continues to be a platform that focuses on appealing to women specifically. In a world that is, in many ways, still very male-dominated, Pinterest is your best bet for reaching a female audience.

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