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Getting Found Online

Perhaps more than anything in marketing, computers have changed how customers find businesses. People search for everything online (and we do mean everything), and most of the time, they’re finding what they’re looking for. The question is, are they finding you?

Obviously every business wants more customers. The problem is, most people aren’t finding businesses these days by looking in the phonebook or by watching ads. They’re Googling them (or Binging them, if you’re into that). Google alone receives over 63,000 search queries per second. Many of those searches are by potential leads looking for businesses like yours in your area.

Which leads us to a second question: if you want to be easier for customers to find online, how do you make that happen.

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What is SEO?

This is where SEO comes in. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of making websites and webpages more visible to search engines, and then giving those search engines reasons to rank them higher in the results. It’s when specialists and experts—who understand how a given search algorithm thinks—use their knowledge to help you build your site so that the algorithm marks it as relevant to search queries.

See, when people type something in the search bar and hit enter, a lot of results pop up (try it: search for “Chewbacca sound effect,” and see how many results are returned). Most of those results are relevant, to a greater or lesser degree, but the algorithm decides which ones are more relevant than others. Then, it ranks them in a hierarchy accordingly.

Search engine marketing aims at convincing the algorithm to rank a page higher than competing pages so it’s more likely to be seen and clicked on. And with 75% of people never looking beyond the first page of results, no business that hopes for growth would be caught dead on the second page.

Why SEO?

People are going to search online no matter what you do: 81% of people do an internet search before making a large purchase. The question is not “Are people looking for what I offer online?” it’s “When they look, are they going to find my business?”

Imagine your potential customers as patrons at a restaurant. They arrive, sit at the table, and are given a menu. Except in the restaurant of the internet, what’s visible on the menu depends on what the waiter deems you’ll like the most. In this scenario, you want to be listed as the evening’s special, not stuck in the kids’ menu.

Organic search isn’t going away. It’s only going to entrench more fully in the buyer’s journey. Bottom line, if you’re not visible online these days, you might as well not exist, and no business can survive on that kind of anonymity.



Of All Online Experiences Begin With a Search Engine

What Set Fire has to offer

Look, search algorithms are fickle things. They’re testy, temperamental, and heaven help your website if there’s a big update. The knowledge and skills required to meet the needs of the algorithm are not the kind you pick up overnight, and they’re not easy to master either.

You’re already busy doing what you do. Very few professionals, especially those working in small-to-mid-sized businesses, would say they have the time to take on learning a completely new skillset. You’re an expert at what you do, so do what you do best.

We can help sound the SEO megaphone that will help your website get noticed. With a combination of technical know-how and quality content, we can help put your business front and center like it deserves to be.

Don’t let what you do go unnoticed.
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