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Paid Social Media

Create awareness and drive conversions with paid social media

Social media is to netizens what broadcast television was to the consumer of yesteryear: a large portion of the population is giving a large portion of their attention to it on a daily basis. These days, more and more people are cutting the cord and ending their cable or satellite subscriptions, even as more and more people join social media.

What this means for marketing teams is this: where once advertising opportunities like Super Bowl ad spots were the, well, Super Bowl for ad campaigns, now users can skip the game and consume that content online where they can like and share it. People are both spending time and consuming content in a whole new environment, and adapting to that change is critical.

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What is paid social media marketing?

Paid social is the opposite of organic marketing. Rather than putting content or social posts out there in the wide-open internet and hoping users find it on their own, paid social means creating advertisements and paying to have them put in front of the users.

Similar to things like banner ads and Google AdWords, social ads put a link to your web pages where your audience is already spending their time—their social network of choice.

Why social ads?

Advertising has always been the bread and butter of any marketing initiative. That hasn’t changed. While the rise of organic digital marketing has had a dramatic impact on the business landscape, ads haven’t taken a backseat—they’ve simply migrated. Ads, especially social ads, form the foundation of many successful marketing campaigns because they still drive profitable customer action.

As a matter of fact, social ads are even more effective than traditional ads for several reasons. Among other advantages, social ads can be targeted, meaning that they are shown only to a well-defined audience that’s more likely to convert.

While TV ads had this to an extent (the audiences for soap operas and sporting events were very different, and so were the ads), social ads can dig down deeper. Want to target San Diego soccer moms who are also bagpipe enthusiasts? It can be done, and conversion rates will be better than ever before.

Social ads can also retarget, redirecting “almost customers” back to where they were when they decided not to make a purchase. Someone was looking at your unique, bespoke chainsaws, but decided not to buy? Hit them with an ad pointing them back that direction, or even offering the product at a discounted price.

Bottom line? Social ads are the most evolved form of advertising.

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Of those using digital ads for business are using them ineffectively

What Set Fire has to offer

The problem is, a lot goes into making a killer ad. There’s the copywriting and the graphic design (both of which require specialized skill sets), the distribution, the metrics and analytics, and more. It’s a lot of work, and not every marketing team is equipped to handle every aspect of it.

You and your team don’t have to do this alone. Here at Set Fire Creative, we can help you across the whole process, from concept, to click, to conversion. Let us leverage our expertise on your behalf, creating ads that drive real customer action and turn potential customers into sales.

With Set Fire, you’re getting white-glove service that takes the most difficult tasks off of your plate. No more struggling to design things yourself in MS Paint. No more fumbling the distribution. Just really stunning, really successful ads.

Paid Social Platforms

Whether you’re looking to increase your following on social media, promote an upcoming event, send more traffic to your website, or simply increase sales, paid social media advertising can get the job done.

Facebook is, by far, the largest social network, with over 2 billion Monthly Active Users (MAU), and over 1 billion logging on every day. It’s a breadth of audience that you can’t afford to be missing out on, and Facebook ads offer a chance to reach that audience with an engaging and personalized experience.

With well over 1 billion active users on Instagram, Instagram ads offer businesses the perfect opportunity to reach potential customers. Use the right combination of Instagram newsfeed ads and IG Story ads to build brand awareness and grow your clientele.

Twitter may not be the largest social platform, but it’s one of the most active: nearly ⅓ of Twitter’s monthly users are using the platform every day. With that level of engagement and activity, your Twitter ads stand a good chance of getting noticed by your target audience.

Working in a B2B space? Have a product or service that appeals specifically to professionals? We can help you put your message in front of those 500+ million sets of eyes, and give them a good reason to investigate further thanks to LinkedIn Advertising.

As of January 2022, TikTok has 1 billion monthly active users and is one of the most downloaded apps on the Apple App Store. Not bad for a social media platform that’s “just for teenagers.” Actually, fun fact: only a quarter of TikTok users are teenagers. The other 75% are all 20 years old and older.

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