Paid Search Marketing

What is Paid Search Marketing?

When you use a search engine, it takes the keywords or query you give it, and uses complex algorithms to return the most relevant results. Looking for Pad Thai in Moscow, Idaho? The Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) will try to help you find it. The problem is, there’s usually a pretty big pile of results. As in, hundreds of millions of results.

It’s not easy to be king of that hill.

Paid search (also known as pay-per-click ads) offers a way to cut to the front of the line. By paying for ads on a specific keyword, the search engine puts your desired link up with the top results, making it much more likely that users will click through to your website rather than a competitor’s.

Why Use Pay-Per-Click Ads?

Paid search marketing takes advantage of the millions of search engine queries happening every second. It puts your relevant link at the top of the search results where your audience can see it, leading them to your site. On Google (which is responsible for nearly 90% of the search engine market), this is called Google Ads, and it’s a marketing method that works.

Nearly half of all search engine clicks on average go to the top three pay-per-click (PPC) in the search results. We’re guessing you don’t want to miss out on all those clicks. We don’t want that for you either. That’s why we offer paid search marketing services to help your business succeed in this pivotal arena.

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Of searchers choose a business they find on page 1 of the search query

What Set Fire has to offer

Before you start thinking that “if it’s that easy, then I’ll just do it myself,” you need to know that (much like any advertising) paid search and PPC ads require a great deal of finesse. Knowing what keywords to target, how much money to throw at them, and which pages to link to is practically an art (though you won’t see it in any gallery).

Just as importantly, effective campaigns require near-constant monitoring and slight tweaks to ensure their continued success. Odds are you don’t have time for that kind of tedium, and you’ve got more pressing things on your plate.

As mentioned above, Google owns the lion’s share of the search engine market. As such, using Google Ads is critical for any digital marketing strategy. If you don’t have much marketing money to throw around, then put all your money on black (read: Google Ads).

Of the remaining search engine market, Yahoo and Bing users make up the most of it. Ads on these search engines are still effective, and there are enough users that, if you have the budget, you don’t want to miss advertising to them.

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