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Build Landing Pages To Increase Conversions

Users are a little like airplanes. They fly through the internet, looking down over website after website, until they find what it is they want to see. As a business, you want those planes to stop on your airfield (read: business website) and pay you to refuel (read: buy your product or service).

The problem is, you need to have somewhere for them to land. And those darn pilots can be pretty picky. If they don’t feel like you’re rolling out the red carpet for them, they have a tendency to just do a touch-and-go (read: high bounce rate). If you want them to convert, you need to give them a space to land that both makes their job easier and makes them feel valued.

That’s where landing pages come in.

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What Are Landing Pages?

Landing pages are like door greeters for your website. They’re unique pages that you can send users to when they click on a link or an ad, and they’re pretty useful. Unlike the home and product pages on your website which are more or less static, landing pages contain customized copy and visuals designed to provide a more personalized experience to the user.

With a landing page, you can send users exactly where they want to go. If they click on an ad for a special promotion, you can send them directly to a specialized product page that includes the offer. Or, you can fill the landing page with copy that relates to the social post they clicked through from. You can even use landing pages for A/B testing. The possibilities are endless.

Whether users are clicking through from an ad, a social share, an email, a link in a blog post, or anywhere, landing pages offer a chance to provide them with a unique user experience.

Why Landing Pages?

Most people are unaware of the crucial role landing pages have on inbound marketing campaigns. Specialized landing pages will consistently capture more leads (up to 12 times the number of leads) than if that same traffic was sent to the homepage of your website. It’s a simple way to increase conversions without breaking the marketing budget.

In addition to increasing leads and conversions, landing pages also make it easier to measure which marketing initiatives are bringing in leads. By tying different links and ads to different landing pages, you can measure how much traffic is being funneled through your social posts, your ads, your blog posts, your emails, and more. It’s one of the best tools for determining marketing ROI.

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Of Sales Are Lost Due To A Poor Landing Page Experience

What Set Fire has to offer

Creating and implementing a quality landing page (let alone multiple pages) takes some doing, and multiple skill sets. Someone needs to write the copy, someone needs to create the visuals (or video, if you happen to be using it), and then someone needs to get all of that stuff onto the website.

Not every marketing department has all of those disparate skill sets on staff, and trying to make landing pages happen without them can be both problematic and time-consuming. You can wear yourself out trying to make killer landing pages or avoid using them because they’re too much effort, or you could make your load a little lighter with some help from the experts.

There’s no sense in letting an incredibly useful tool make work more difficult instead of less. At Set Fire Creative, we can create beautiful landing pages for you, ones that will boost conversions and empower your analytics, and we can do it all without adding to your current workload.

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