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Grow Your Company, Recruit New Talent, And Solidify Your Brand

Home to over 740 million active users and over 55 million registered companies, LinkedIn is the perfect place to run ads when you need to reach professionals. Created to make virtual networking possible, the platform serves users information about the industries they work in and provides a space for people to find job opportunities that fit their skills and interests. Like any social media platform, LinkedIn has a unique set of people that you can target and works especially well for B2B businesses. It’s a great place to add personality to your company’s brand, and the perfect spot to build up your business using social proof and relevant content.

What Is LinkedIn Advertising?

LinkedIn advertising is currently one of the best ways you can solidify your brand, meet potential customers and networking connections, and get new leads or customers for your business. An advertisement on LinkedIn looks just like a regular LinkedIn post, except for the word, “Promoted” underneath your company’s profile photo. You can run still image ads, slideshow ads, or video ads on LinkedIn, all of which can be useful for your marketing strategy and prove effective.

LinkedIn’s advertising management system has an active audience base of 740 million, so running LinkedIn ads gives you plenty of options of people to target. You can target users based on what industries they have shown an interest in on the platform and what companies they work for. It’s a great way to advertise to professionals in a native way and establish your brand voice while doing so.

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Why LinkedIn Ads?

More professional in tone than Instagram or Facebook, running ads on LinkedIn provides you with the unique opportunity to expand your company’s personality while keeping things about business. LinkedIn is an especially good advertising option for B2B companies as you have the opportunity to target people based on what companies they work for. However, LinkedIn can also be a smart advertising tool for e-commerce or service-based businesses as the more exclusive and business-savvy tone of the platform provides an opportunity to promote your product in a more trust-inspiring way than on Instagram or Facebook. 

If your company is already active on LinkedIn, moving into advertising on the platform might be a natural next step for you to take. The LinkedIn algorithm favors consistency, so if you have taken even a little time to establish your brand on LinkedIn, advertising on the platform will only add to that momentum and make it possible for you to reach professionals and connections that you might not have otherwise.

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What Set Fire Creative has to offer

Beginning your advertising journey on LinkedIn can be stressful when you don’t know where to start. Writing ad copy, creating and choosing photos and videos to use, and deciding who to target can be daunting decisions. 

At Set Fire Creative, we want to set your business up for LinkedIn advertising success. You provide the best photos and videos you have, and we provide the ad copy and help you decide who to target. We’ll bring our expertise to the table and work with you to optimize your budget and find the best strategy possible so you can get the return you are looking for.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you and start building your online presence as soon as possible. Contact us today for a free consultation to see if advertising on LinkedIn is the right choice for your business and if we can help you benefit from using the platform. Our job is to help you put your business’s best food forward online, and when you reach out, we’ll help you do just that.

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