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Small Business Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is an important part of marketing your business because you want to stand out from your competitors. That means that when someone searches for your product category or service in a local area, you need to rank as high as you can in search results.

This is achieved by optimizing small business search engine marketing. Search engine marketing is a tool that helps small businesses rank higher than larger competitors in online searches. According to a study by Search Engine Journal, this can benefit a small business because 28.5% of searchers click on the first organic result for any given term. Since the second and third positions having a 15% and 11% click-through rate respectively, it’s important that your Search Engine Marketing is optimized to rank in first place.

That’s where Set Fire Creative stands out. Our devoted team stays up to date with the latest tools, training, and developments to optimize search marketing for small businesses. Small Business Search Engine Marketing is a primary focus of ours because we’re a small business ourselves. We know that small businesses’ Search Engine Marketing needs to actively reach people who are searching for their products or services, and how it needs to be one of the most profitable marketing channels for that business. That’s why at Set Fire Creative, we optimize your Search Engine Marketing with the goal of convincing a search page’s algorithm to rank a page higher than competing pages so it’s more likely to be seen and clicked on.

Small businesses are our bread and butter. We focus so much on building up small businesses because we know that they’re overlooked by larger digital marketing agencies. This is comparable to how many large businesses expect to dominate web searches, they think that the size of their website changes how Google crawls the website for relevant terms. However, a well-built site will always outrank a larger competitor–a modern-day David and Goliath struggle for views and purchases. With our expertise, we can help you win that fight.

When we take on a client for Small Business Search Engine Marketing, we start with foundational principles such as discovering optimized keywords, popular search terms for your industry and market, and proper outlining and use that to form the backbone of a personalized SEM strategy that converts. As time goes on and data is collected, we continue to grow our strategy based on what we observe to be working and not working. This allows your personalized strategy to be flexible to consumer needs and market trends. This is another advantage to small business search marketing because larger competitors lack the available space to pivot so quickly on essential needs and trends.

When you consider Set Fire Creative for Small Business Search Engine Marketing, you’re looking at an experienced team who’ve seen it all. Our experience helps us understand how current issues your business faces have been solved by others in your market. Make a difference for yourself and your business by onboarding our experienced marketing team. Start now by signing up for a free consultation today!

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Set Fire Creative runs my salon's social media and we could not be happier with the results!

Kellene Moye

Love this team! They've recruited some of the most talented marketers around.

Ryan Shaw

Set Fire Creative is a fantastic group of professionals that have your best interests in mind as the build out your marketing they take the time to make sure they are doing the best for you and your business.

Mike Woodward

I'm a new author and Set Fire Creative has been helping me to promote my book and increase my sales. They are incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of social media marketing.

Austin Kennedy

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