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STAY WEAR (aka STAY) is a positive lifestyle brand on a mission to change how people view themselves and view others. They support a number of different causes including anti-bullying and suicide prevention organizations by giving 10% of profits to charity. 

When STAY approached Set Fire Creative they needed someone to manage their social ads (Facebook and Instagram). Even though social media was the number one revenue source for STAY they couldn’t keep their social ads above a 1X return on ad spend (ROAS) for very long. 

The Goal: Starting with only $700/month on ads get the ROAS up to at least 200% to justify scaling monthly ad spend


STAY’s previous ads had seen up to 150% return for short amounts of time so our team started digging into their past campaigns to look for new strategies we could test to maintain a 200% return month over month. Our team wrote new ads for the client to begin testing. We focused our messaging on the good that STAY was doing both by donating profits and by promoting positivity. The focus on STAY’s mission helped us better connect with their target market.

We started testing local audiences to capitalize on the good that STAY was doing for the community. Local audiences helped us build a stronger local following for STAY and helped us better understand the target audience for STAY so it was easier for us to target the right people as we expanded targeting to larger areas. A big difference-maker for STAY’s ads was running a retargeting campaign that targeted those who visited STAY’s website without making a purchase. The retargeting campaign helped us reach our target ROAS in our third month of advertising.


Even though our first two months of advertising for STAY were spent testing audiences and ads we were still able to pull in a positive ROAS. By our third month, we started hitting our stride and had a better understanding of the right audiences and messaging for our audiences. We started to scale ad spend our third and fourth months of advertising which lead to a 327% ROAS for our fourth month of advertising. We continued bringing in great returns for STAY while we were running their ads. Our ads helped them grow to the point that they were able to hire a new employee to run their ads in house.

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