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Twenty years ago, when all baseballs were only white, Emily Wolfson painted an American Flag on a baseball from a toy store for her husband, and Unforgettaballs was born. Over the years, Unforgettaballs has created hundreds of designs showcasing old and new ballparks, city landscapes, and family occasions for all kinds of baseball collectors.

Set Fire Creative's Mission

When Unforgettaballs reached out to Set Fire Creative, they had one question in mind-how do we increase sales on our website with digital marketing?¬†They had worked with a few other agencies before, but always felt that the results were subpar and the communication lacking. ¬†Willing to give digital marketing one last try, Unforgettaballs relied on Set Fire Creative’s expertise to provide them with the results they always desired.

The Goal: Increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) up to 400% and maintain it month-over-month while scaling monthly ad spend.

The Results

Before we launched Unforgettaballs’ Facebook Ad campaign, our team of paid marketing experts spent hours researching the target demographic and competing brands. After the research was done, our ads team got to work on creating the perfect ads that would resonate well with the target audience and persuade them to click.

Month 1 of any Facebook ads campaign is generally focused on data collection and ad testing. In the case of Unforgettaballs, however, we hit our goal of 400% ROAS the very first month and were able to increase monthly ad spend by 35% starting month 2.

From there, our job was to maintain the ROAS while responsibly increasing budget each month. Each time ad spend is increased, ROAS will generally drop. Even though month 3 only saw a 453% ROAS compared to month 1’s 497%, the client netted a higher profit due to the increase in ad spend month-over-month. By month6, we were seeing a 686% ROAS.

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