Coding bootcamps are the newest and fastest ways to gain tech skills, and their importance in the tech industry cannot be overlooked. In an industry that continues to experience innovation and growth, gaining new skills is paramount. 

People enroll in coding bootcamps for a variety of reasons, including a desire to switch careers or enter the tech industry, as well as to improve their tech skills. In this article, we will discuss the various reasons why a coding bootcamp is beneficial to your tech career, regardless of the reason for your interest in coding bootcamps.

What Is a Coding Bootcamp? 

A coding bootcamp is a short and intensive program that trains and teaches students job-ready and practical technical skills. A coding bootcamp teaches students the essential skills and training that are needed to kickstart their careers in computer science, data management, and other careers in the tech industry. 

How Does a Coding Bootcamp Work? 

Coding bootcamps help students develop technical skills, learn various programming languages, and gain hands-on experience. Students can pick choose a coding bootcamp that offers the training they need in their desired field. Some coding bootcamps you can attend are App Academy, Thinkful, Springboard, Coding Dojo, and General Assembly.

Coding bootcamps give students the chance to graduate and work in desired fields, earn a good income, and find job satisfaction in whatever field they decide on. Coding bootcamps are popular in the United States, and according to Statista, over 7000 people graduated from coding bootcamps in 2019, a 31.14 percent increase from the previous year, with coding bootcamp graduates expected to reach 7,301 in 2020.

Reasons Why a Coding Bootcamp Is Good for Your Tech Career 

Coding bootcamps can be extremely beneficial in helping you in landing your dream job in the tech industry. In this section, we’ll explain why a coding bootcamp is beneficial and necessary for your tech career in 2022. 

Coding Bootcamps Teach Job-ready Skills

Most employers look for a variety of skills when hiring, and because coding bootcamps collaborate with companies or organizations looking for technical talent, the skills taught at these bootcamps are up to date and in demand by employers. This allows graduates of these bootcamps to gain skills required by organizations and demonstrate their abilities when entering the job market.

Coding Bootcamps Are Cheaper Than Traditional Schools

Attending a college program to build a tech skill can be really expensive and can discourage you from pursuing your tech career goals. Coding bootcamps are less expensive than traditional schools or college programs, and there are even free coding bootcamps and coding bootcamp scholarships available to anyone regardless of financial situation.

Coding Bootcamps Are Shorter Than College Programs 

Coding bootcamps are short and intensive programs. Unlike college programs, which can take two to four years to complete, coding bootcamps can be completed in a few months to a year. This is ideal if you want to enter the job market as soon as possible or if you have other engagements and cannot commit to a long-term program. Bootcamps provide you with that opportunity.

Coding Bootcamps Provide Additional Aids 

Coding bootcamps provide additional assistance that most college programs do not. A coding bootcamp provides assistance outside of the courses that are offered and taught. They provide mentorship, academic assistance, resume assistance, networking events, and career coaching.

Coding Bootcamps Are Flexible

Coding bootcamps are more flexible than traditional schooling routes. Most coding bootcamps offer various learning formats, which include full-time, part-time, and self-paced, giving more learning flexibility to students that have other engagements. They also offer weekend, night, and online programs. 

Most Coding Bootcamps Are Taught By Working Professionals 

Coding bootcamps are taught by tech industry professionals who are still working in their respective fields. This means that the information being shared is current and is based on personal and current experiences in their respective fields and careers.

How To Choose a Coding Bootcamp 

Choosing the right coding bootcamp is an important decision. With so many options available, it can be hard to decide. In the section below, we will show you how to choose a coding bootcamp that fits your learning needs.

Consider the Type Of Bootcamp You Want 

Bootcamps can be full-time, part-time, or online, which means you should assess yourself and your availability. Full-time coding bootcamps are more intensive, faster to complete, and mostly done in person. 

Part-time coding bootcamps are similar to full-time coding bootcamps, but they are less intensive and primarily for working adults. Part-time coding bootcamps are typically held in the evenings or on weekends when working adults are available, while an online bootcamp is completed online, is self-paced, and can be attended from anywhere in the world.

Evaluate the Cost of the Coding Bootcamp

If you’ve decided on a coding bootcamp and the type of program you want to take, the next step is to evaluate and weigh the costs of enrolling in and attending the bootcamp to determine if you can afford it. Coding bootcamps offer various payment options and plans on average.

Finding a program that fits within your budget can help you start a career in coding sooner. Additionally, most bootcamps offer financial aid, payment plans, and scholarships to help you afford the cost of the program. You reach out to the bootcamp you choose to know if there is any financial aid available for students.

Research the Programs Coding Bootcamps Offer 

Coding bootcamps offer various programs; when selecting a coding bootcamp, do your research and select one that offers the program you want. Most bootcamps cover a variety of topics, and as the tech industry has grown, so have the programs available.

Some of the programs offered in coding bootcamps include mobile app development, web development, UI/UX designer, and cyber security, data science. Ensure the coding bootcamp you choose has the program you want.

Should I Enroll in a Coding Bootcamp 

Yes, you should enroll in a coding bootcamp if you wish to advance in your tech career or want to kickstart your tech career in 2022. The benefits of a coding bootcamp cannot be overemphasized, and because a coding bootcamp teaches you job-ready skills, you will be prepared for the job market and earn high pay.