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Incremental improvement is often the way to go when growing a business. It’s relatively safe, scalable, and sustainable for a company to build slowly over time. But it looks like that’s not what happened with us because we just discovered that our review list ballooned to three times its size in just one year.

When Clutch informed us of a new year-in-review feature for our profile we were excited to dive into the data of how it performed for 2021. While we were optimistic about the reach and effect that our profile had over the year, we didn’t expect it to be as big as it was.

The ability to average a high-quality review per month is something that most companies can’t claim to have. This is because when and where a review will be written and published is beyond what any company can do.

That’s why we are sincerely thankful to all of our clients and partners who shared their thoughts on our work so diligently in 2021. The effect of their words on the reputation of our brand and the morale of our team is difficult to put into words.

Thanks to these reviews, we were able to qualify for the list of top digital agencies in Utah. A place which we plan to improve on in terms of rankings. If we’re able to grow so much in the space of twelve months, who knows where we’ll find ourselves after another year.

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