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Did you know that there is a free way to market your ecommerce business? That’s right, organic social media marketing! Nowadays, prioritizing an online presence is extremely important to market your business and this is especially true if you are an ecommerce company.

Ecommerce social media marketing has so many benefits like driving traffic to your site and ultimately encouraging sales. So why is it so important to have social media as an ecommerce brand? Let us explain…

Conveys Brand Values

If you are an eCommerce company, social media posts are a wonderful way to tell your story. The verbiage you use in captions paired with the style of your creative elements helps to convey what your company believes and should aim to connect with your ideal target consumer. 

Using your brand’s voice to communicate values helps to build trust with your audience. Your social media platform should answer the following questions: Who are you as a brand? What does your brand stand for? 

The ultimate goal of building a trustworthy online presence is for the right individual to consume your content and make a purchase.

Builds a Relationship With Your Consumers

Your social media platforms should aim to build relationships with customers. 

Social media posts should be seen as a telephone, not a megaphone—meaning that you should view your platform as a way to connect with individuals, not just announce who you are. Using this approach helps your consumers feel valued and creates a community among your followers. This sense of community creates a bond and fosters customer loyalty. This is especially important if you are a brand that has multiple competitors.

Using social media as a connection tool can not only build trust with your current customers, but it can lead to new customers discovering your brand.

So what is the best way to actually build this sense of community and build loyalty among your followers? Engagement! Engaging with your followers on your social platforms allows you to relate to and retain your audience. The best way to do this is to reply to comments and direct messages.

This engagement helps you learn about your audience while they learn about you. Learning your audience is the most important way to market your brand. If you learn how to connect to your consumers, you will be more equipped to meet their needs and wants. Use feedback from clients as a way to grow and establish your brand and values to best reflect what your customers are seeking. 

Customer Service

Using social platforms is one of the most effective places to facilitate customer service. Customers find social media profiles as an easily accessible way to contact your brand, especially if you actively foster a relationship with your customers through your social media profile. 

By routinely answering inquiries, comments, and private messages, you may build trust by using social media as an extension of your customer service efforts. Responding to your online followers encourages more interaction from both present and potential consumers.

Complements Other Marketing Efforts

Establishing a credible eCommerce brand through social media posts is not the only benefit. Keeping your social media accounts active might help with your other marketing initiatives as well.

Paid Social

Paid social media generally works well in junction with organic social media posting. Typically, eCommerce companies should use paid advertisements to draw in new customers while posting organic content is often used to maintain your existing audience.

By keeping paid advertisements and organic marketing efforts consistent, companies are able to efficiently build trust in their brand. They can also post organic promotional content, such as news about sales and new goods.

Analyzing the metrics of your paid advertisements might help to plan organic content and vice versa. If an organic post does particularly well, you can incorporate it into your paid plan by paying to push it to a larger audience.


If your ecommerce company finds value in SEO, social media posting is a great addition to your marketing efforts. Social media can positively impact your search ranking even though it does not directly affect SEO rankings. You can develop links from social media profiles to improve the organic rankings of pages or blog posts on your site. Your visibility will rise if you have any social media activity, which may result in additional backlinks from other websites. By producing content that your audience shares, you give your links more credibility and improve organic SEO.

Now for the important stuff…. Our tips and tricks on what to include in your ecommerce social media profile:

  • Stay on top of trends. This helps your brand stay relevant and entertaining. Using the trendiest phrases and image styles can encourage views and engagement. You can stay up to date on trends by exploring your discover page on Instagram or scrolling through TikTok.
  • If your brand story allows for it, use humor. People use social media platforms largely for entertainment. Be funny and engaging.
  • Our most important tip is consistently posting content. The best way to stay on top of posting frequently is to create a content calendar that is preplanned including creatives, captions, and hashtags.

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