Online Marketing Services For Small Businesses You Need To Know About

Your small business needs online marketing services to grow and reach the right audience. Digital marketing services start with research about your small business to create a marketing strategy. The strategy is then carried out through one or more of the digital marketing services. When beginning to use online marketing services, it is important to remember that there is a period of data collection to improve and possibly change the initial strategy—not to mention that your customers are human beings that have ever-changing patterns and behaviors. Online marketing services work if you listen to the data and adjust accordingly. There are four online marketing services for small businesses that you need to know about.

1. Organic Social Media

Organic social media is the launchpad for brand awareness and brand loyalty. Organic social media directly connects small businesses with their customers. There are 3.6 billion users on social media that a small business has the potential to reach. Small businesses can engage and interact with their current and potential customers. Growing your organic social media takes time, effort, and patience, and it is important to plan ahead with organic social media. This is where content calendars come in handy. A content calendar is a calendar that has one week to one month of scheduled-out content. They remove the stress of content creation and ensure consistent posting on your small business’s social media. Consistency is essential for organic growth. Posting consistent content is a great way to build long-lasting relationships with your customers. 

2. Paid Social Media

Paid social media creates brand awareness and includes creating ads to run on your small business’s social accounts. The ads are shown on the consumer’s feed, which is perfect because the consumer is where they want to be when they see your ad. The consumer chooses to go onto their social media, so placing an ad there is an effective way to create brand awareness. Social ads can be targeted to a well-defined audience who will be more likely to convert. The end objective for paid social media is to drive conversions. What are conversions? A conversion happens when a user completes a desired goal. There are multiple ways for a conversion to happen. The desired goal can differ from business to business. Filling out a form, adding a product to cart, or completing a purchase are all examples of a conversion.

3. Paid Search Marketing

Paid search marketing is also known as pay-per-click (PPC) ads. These ads are shown as a search engine page result. Paid search requires you to pay for your ad to show at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). You pay for your ad on the desired keywords to show with the top results, making it more likely that a user will click on your ad compared to your competitors. PPC starts with keyword research. The ad is then created with the keyword in the ad. The ad will have a headline and copy to attract the user to click. Knowing what keywords to target, adjusting the ad budget, and linking to the right landing page from the ad are all key aspects of paid search marketing. A paid search campaign requires constant monitoring and tweaks to ensure continued success. A change in strategy can help the campaign continue to grow and succeed. 

4. SEO Marketing

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important digital marketing service for small businesses. What is the first thing you do when needing to find a product or service? You go onto a search engine and search for it. SEO aids your company to rank higher for specific keywords. This means when someone searches for a keyword that relates to your business, your website will show higher in the search results. Search engine marketing aims at convincing the algorithm to rank a page higher than competing pages. The higher you rank in the search results, the more users will see your site, which will likely lead to a conversion. There are multiple factors such as search volume and competition that play into SEO and ranking for a keyword.

Adding an online marketing service into your budget will put you one step ahead of your competitor that isn’t utilizing one. Digital marketing services are extremely beneficial for small businesses and create brand awareness to lead to conversions. It is crucial to grab the attention of all the 2.05 billion digital buyers. Consumers are only going to be turning more to online consumption, so what is holding you back from online marketing? Contact one of Set Fire Creative’s client strategists to jumpstart your small business with a digital marketing service!