What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a web page that a user lands on after clicking a link—usually created for advertising and digital marketing purposes. Landing pages are simple and concise with a specific call-to-action for a user to carry out. They are standalone and unique pages from your website and can only be accessed through a specific link.

A landing page contains multiple elements to grab a user’s attention:

  • Above-The-Fold: Landing pages should contain the most important information above-the-fold. Content above-the-fold is everything you can see on a web page without having to scroll.
  • Call-To-Action: Another element a landing page should contain is a call-to-action. Each landing page may have a different call-to-action based on your end goal for your digital marketing campaign. Different call-to-actions may include wanting the user to make a purchase, provide their email, or contact your business. When a user completes your specified call-to-action, they make a conversion. Conversions are one of the metrics that help digital marketers track the success of your digital marketing campaign.
  • Testimonials: Another great element to include on your landing page is customer reviews and/or testimonials. By sharing past and current customers’ positive experience with your business, it creates social proof for potential customers. You want to show users other real people’s experiences with your business to create and grow their trust.

Why Are Landing Pages Useful?

Landing Pages are extremely useful and helpful when running a digital marketing campaign that includes paid ads. When running paid ads, whether paid search ads or paid social ads, you must take the user to a web page once they click on your ad.

Ideally, that place is your customized landing page crafted to that specific audience ensuring a more personalized experience. Once the user lands on your page, you want to ensure they stay on the page by explaining the benefits of your business as well as having your desired call-to-action stated. When someone arrives on your landing page, they should only have two options—complete the desired call-to-action or get off the page. If your landing page has a high bounce rate, that is a sign something needs to be adjusted. Bounce rate is the percentage of users that click off your landing page without taking action.

It is important to always be testing your landing pages to maximize your conversions. By testing, we mean running A/B tests for the layout and design of your landing page. For example, a specific A/B test would be testing the color of your call-to-action buttons. The little details on the landing page matter and can make a difference on whether a user will convert or not.

When Do You Need A Landing Page?

After learning more about landing pages, you may ask yourself “When do I need a landing page?”.

The simple answer—any time you’re running an online ads campaign.

The longer answer—landing pages are needed when running an advertising campaign with a specific goal. The purpose of the ads is to catch a user’s attention and make them want to click on the ad. Wherever the ad leads the user, the page needs to be informational, easy-to-read, attention-grabbing, and—most importantly—consistent with the ad they clicked on. For instance, you wouldn’t want to have an ad that promotes one service, but leads people to a landing page talking about a different service.

You want the user to spend time on the page and take action. The landing page should be curated to match the goal of your advertising campaign, whether that is for a user to make a purchase or to provide their email. If you are running multiple advertising campaigns, you should create a new landing page per campaign as each landing page needs to be customized to its campaign. If your company has 10 to 15 landing pages, your leads increase by 55 percent. Landing pages can make a difference for your campaigns. 

Landing pages are a place where you want your users to land and complete your desired call-to-action. They help you reach your digital marketing goals and allow you to share specific information with a specific audience. If you want to learn more about what is a landing page, reach out to one of our client strategists today!