Lead generation supports the growth of your business and is the first hint of interest from consumers. The main goal of lead generation is to bring in more customers by presenting them with an opportunity to open the door for communication. Lead generation provides detailed information about your target audience that you wouldn’t otherwise have. 

The digital world has changed the way new customers are introduced to your business. Having a presence on social media and a quality website is more urgent than ever to bring in new business. 

Leads are potential clients or customers that fit within your target audience and are interested in your product or service. Leads can come from a consumer filling out a form on your website or referrals from other consumers. Leads are beneficial to companies because the consumer took enough action to provide you with their contact information inferring they have interest in your product or service. 

When consumers become a lead, there is a sense of relief for the business. The consumer indicates they are interested in your business and are agreeing to communication between you and them. The cold calling days are far and few between because of lead generation. Those who fill out the form or connect with your business in some way almost always are looking for your service or product and want additional information. This makes it easier for you because the heavy lifting of grabbing interest from a cold call is taken care of. 

What is lead generation in digital marketing? Lead generation and digital marketing go hand and hand with each other. There are three different digital marketing strategies that can produce lead generations for your business. The strategies include organic social media, paid advertising, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Organic Social Media

Organic social media is a simple way to bring in leads. As a business, you should have social media accounts on all the platforms that fit within your brand, which for most businesses is all the platforms. Organic social media builds a community for your business and you are able to personally connect with consumers. You are able to show more of the personality of your business and interact with consumers directly. 

You can tell your story through organic social media. The more consistent and interactive content you put out, the more willing people will be to reach out and want to work with or support your business. Those people become your leads and potential customers.

Paid Advertising

Whether you’re advertising through Google or social media platforms, ads are a strong digital marketing strategy for lead generation. Paid advertising allows you to target ads to your specific target audience and location with a clear call-to-action (CTA). 

Where you direct your ads is important for lead generation. This is because you want to ensure the webpage you are sending your target audience to contains enough information about your business that the consumer is interested and wants to learn more about your product or service.

The webpage needs to contain a CTA. The CTA should coincide with the goal of collecting leads. The CTA could be a contact form or an email subscription sign-up. This way you have a way to communicate with your leads. The webpage you direct your ads to could be your business’s homepage or a specific landing page for the advertising campaign. As the consumers complete your CTA, it brings them one step closer to becoming your customer.

Search Engine Optimization 

Search engine optimization ranks your business’ webpages against your competitors. SEO can take some time, but it is worth all the effort because organic searches are extremely valuable for lead generation. When your webpage is near or at the top of a search engine results page, the greater chance a consumer will click on it. 

Showing up in consumer’s organic search results means they are searching for your product or service and are in need. That is exactly what you want for lead generation. A consumer in need of your product or service becoming a lead will increase your chances of converting them. 

Creating a digital marketing strategy will not only help you with lead generation, but it will also help with the growth of your business. Implementing any of the above lead generation strategies will increase the leads coming in, which in turn will increase your customer base. Our client strategists can help you implement a lead generation strategy through one of our services!