Have you ever clicked on an ad or a link to a product that interested you from social media? Well if you have, odds are you ended up on a landing page. What is a landing page you ask?  Well, let’s zoom out a bit and take a look.

Driving potential customers to your website is an integral part of making online sales. Let’s say you have ads running on social media or Google promoting products or services that you are hoping to sell. When creating those ads, you’ll have to ask yourself where you want your potential customers to go after they’ve clicked. That is where a landing page comes in.

What Is a Landing Page and What Makes It Unique?

Simply put, a landing page is a page that a person lands on when clicking your link. Unlike other pages on your site, a landing page has a singular goal of leading a potential customer to your desired call to action.  A call to action could be to get them to make a purchase, sign up for a service, or to schedule a call or appointment. Whatever your call to action might be, that is the main and only goal of your landing page.

Other pages on your site may encourage the visitor to explore or to look around and dig through your content.  Oftentimes these other pages have multiple links that lead to different places on your site. Not your landing page! Getting them to complete your call to action is the only focus of your landing page. We like to say that when someone makes it to your landing page, they should only have two options—complete our desired call to action or get off the page.

What Does a Landing Page Look Like?

Now, I know what you’re asking yourself—what does a landing page look like?  Let me show you one of Set Fire Creative’s landing pages:

What Is A Landing Page - Set Fire Creative

As you can see from our landing page here at Set Fire Creative, our page is very one-track-minded. We provide information, client testimonials, and a free SEO audit in order to gain trust and entice page visitors to fill out their information. That is really all there is to this page.

A landing page is as simple as it sounds, but in its simplicity, it can make a vast difference in the number of conversions you obtain from people that click on your link. Instead of being bombarded with all of your amazing content, pages, and beautiful distractions, your landing page will lead them to the real reason you wanted them to click on that link in the first place—to make that call to action happen.

What To Do Next

So now you’re sold on building a landing page, but how do you go about building it? Well, first you need to decide what your goals are. What is your call to action? Do you want to set up a call, do you want to make a sale, do you want to schedule an appointment? Next, you should look at some example landing pages. Hey, what do you know, I have some linked right here! When building a landing page, be sure to follow best practices to ensure you’re getting the most out of your landing page.

Now you’re ready to take control of your conversions and get to building. If you need help creating a landing page, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to Set Fire Creative today for a free consultation and we’ll help create a high-converting landing page for your business.